Consultant and author Robert B. Hafey’s books reflect his interests. A desire to preserve the childhood memories of the baby boom generation, by reflecting on and then writing about his own childhood, resulted in the memoir, Boomhood. His latest book, Bumping & Snacking, contains light and sometimes funny travel stories through which he shares his love of travel, food, cooking and photography. Reading Bumping & Snacking will leave you both hungry and longing to explore the cultures of the world.

The books Lean Safety and Lean Safety Gemba Walks are the foundation of Robert Hafey’s successful consulting business. They focus on the continuous improvement of workplace safety and employee engagement.

Robert B. Hafey
Bumping & Snacking by Robert B. Hafey
Boomhood by Robert B. Hafey
Lean Safety by Robert B. Hafey
Lean Safety Gemba Walks by Robert B. Hafey